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Enjoy Yourself

Enjoy Yourself

The more you focus on your lack, the more you’re going to get back!


As soon as you wake up, your state of mind defines your day. If you wake up with anxiety and worried about your job, your family, or your financial challenges, I promise you that you’re going to spend most of your day in a negative state. The moment you wake up, train yourself and your mind to steer your thoughts and your emotions in the direction of your goal that you want to focus on, and not what your thoughts and emotions are telling you to focus on. Start your day with gratitude! Think about someone or something you’re grateful for. Don’t think about what needs to be done and your to-do list, but rather focus on you and what or whom you’re grateful for, focus on what’s working in your life and career, and stay away from thinking about what’s not working. Focusing on what you have instead of what you don’t have changes your day. It sends messages to your brain, your heart and soul that generates powerful vibes throughout your body and gives you the energy and confidence that no matter what, you have the power to overcome any challenge life brings you.


Start your day demanding that you’re going to enjoy the day; you’re going to refuse to have negative thoughts and get in a bad mood. When you list your goals for the day, make ‘Enjoy Yourself’ your number one priority of the day. We often tend to start our day by listing out our to-dos, which is a list of activities and not goals. We tend to forget about the most important thing in life, which is ourselves. Even if you list your goals for the day or your life goals, don’t lose track of enjoying yourself. If you start with enjoying yourself as the number one goals, the rest of the goals will fall in place. You’re going to work hard to achieve your goals but why not work hard while enjoying yourself. Make that your number one goal, and then find what it means to enjoy yourself. Find what makes you ‘click’, and focus on it first thing in the morning.


Our life is moving in the direction of what we focus on. If you’re focused on your kids, you’re going to spend your day making sure your kids are fed, having fun, driven to school, getting to their activities… If your focus is making money, then your day is going to be filled with challenges and ideas on what you can or can’t do to get rich. Life is about what we focus on! Train yourself to wake up in the morning and demand that you’re going to have an outstanding day today and you’re going to laugh and enjoy every moment of it, and I’m telling you it works! Even if the coffee machine isn’t working, your state of mind seamlessly makes you find a solution to the problem. You can be dealing with challenges at work with a client or boss or co-workers, but your state of mind pushes you to find ways to adapt to the challenge and even find a resolution. Your state of mind helps your decision-making abilities, and gives you the confidence that ‘you’ve got this’. Such a powerful way to live your day and life!


Finally, don’t think about life as a goal. It’s a process… Your goals in life are the dreams and ideas you want to accomplish. Your life is the process to get you there, and if you lose track of these goals and dreams and just focus on life, you’re never going to get ‘there’. You can’t get somewhere if you don’t know what this somewhere is. Life will always have challenges and will always throw curve balls at us, but it’s how we react to these challenges what defines us. The thoughts and perspective that you have about any challenge in your life, will determine the outcome. The way you let challenges affect your life is what determines the outcome of your life.


To complete your list of goals, start with Goal #2:


Goal #1: Enjoy Life, Enjoy the journey, Enjoy Yourself
Goal #2:


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Fadi Aoude
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